3 Reasons to Have a Maternity Photoshoot

Capture memories of your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey. Your body goes through many changes while growing life inside. During your months of pregnancy, you will have many feelings and lots of anticipation awaiting your baby’s arrival. You should document this special time in your life so that you can look back on it in the future. Even if you don’t feel your best physically, think about the love you feel for the child growing inside of you. Not only that, but pregnant women glow! You should showcase that glow! What better way to document this time than with a maternity photoshoot? You will end up with images that will be forever cherished.

Share your story

Use your images to tell your unique pregnancy story! Do you want to share a story about your pregnancy or perhaps use the images to announce your baby’s name or gender? A maternity photoshoot at my Radford studio can help tell your story from the time you were carrying your little one up to the time they are born. When your kids are a few years older, you can also show them a picture of when they were inside their mommy’s belly! Plan on creating an album of pictures for your little one? Start the album with your maternity portraits!

Have a fun experience

From the time I was a child, I always loved playing dress up. Putting on a pretty “princess dress” and playing with makeup was always a fun time. Now? I rarely ever put on makeup or do my hair because of the time constraints of adult life. A few minutes of extra sleep? Yes, please! However, we all still have the inner child in us. Not only that, but it feels great to look great! I know I’m not the only person who gets excited to have a reason to get all dressed up. During your studio portrait session, a hair and makeup artist will do your hair and makeup. You will also have access to my client closet with couture gowns. When you have a maternity photoshoot with me in my Radford studio, you will feel pampered, have a fun time, and look like a goddess while doing something important and meaningful.

Sydney Altizer Photography specializes in maternity, motherhood, and newborn through children fine art portraiture. Sydney’s photography style can be described as glam, editorial, and creative. Sydney’s photography studio is conveniently located in Radford, Virginia.

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